ApolloMed is rebranding as Astrana Health

Healing Healthcare

We’re Using Innovation to Mend a Broken Industry

ApolloMed is a physician-centric, technology-powered, risk-bearing healthcare company. Leveraging our proprietary end-to-end technology solutions, we operate an integrated healthcare delivery platform that enables providers to successfully participate in value-based care arrangements. Our goal is to empower independent physicians with the tools to deliver a higher level of care in a cost-effective way, which we have done successfully for more than 35+ years.

Powered by Technology. Built by Doctors. For Patients.

35+ Years of operation
10K+ Contracted physicians
16 Managed IPAs/Medical Group
0.9M+ Managed lives
As of September 30, 2023

We Provide a Full Spectrum of Care

Via Our Broad Range of Service Offerings

Consolidated Independent Physician Associations (IPAs)
Our contracted network of independent primary care and specialty physicians
A CMS risk-sharing model where we assume higher levels of global risk to care for Medicare fee-for-service patients.
Management Services Organization (MSO)
Provides administrative, technical and professional support services to healthcare companies and IPAs
Commercial Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)
Delivers care under risk-bearing and capitated arrangements with employers
Commercial Accountable Care Organization (ACO)
A risk-sharing model to provide care coordination for aligned commercial members

A Tech-Based Remedy

For Healthcare Delivery’s Pain Points

Our platform combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processes with years of clinical expertise to provide healthcare professionals with results-driven solutions and useful technologies they can incorporate into the daily functions of their practice to make their lives easier.

Value-Based Care

Delivered Through Our Subsidiaries

With our subsidiaries, we empower physicians to focus on the quality of care they provide to patients while lowering the overall cost of care, moving away from what has been a predominantly fee-for-service healthcare model in the U.S. In doing so, we are able to effectively manage healthcare services for almost a million individuals across the country.