ApolloMed is rebranding as Astrana Health

Who We Are

Our Mission and Vision

ApolloMed is a leading physician-centric, technology-powered, risk-bearing healthcare company. Leveraging its proprietary end-to-end technology solutions, ApolloMed operates an integrated healthcare delivery platform that enables providers to participate successfully in value-based care arrangements, thus empowering them to deliver high-quality care to patients in a cost-effective manner.

We seek to accelerate our nation towards a future in which all patients can have access to high-quality care at a lower cost.

We will do this by building world-class infrastructure, technology, operations, and care delivery capabilities so that we can build a seamlessly coordinated, tight-knit, efficient healthcare ecosystem.

We enable the physician-patient relationship through a scalable, data-driven and evidence-based platform. This platform relieves healthcare providers of their administrative burden, allowing them to do what they are most passionate about - taking care of their patients.

Taking Responsibility for the Health of Our Patients

We are a company built by physicians, for physicians with over 35+ years of engaging in value-based care. As we’ve grown our physician network and partnerships, we deeply understand what drives physician behavior and how that can vastly improve the lives of our patients. We have developed and now use technology that augments our clinical care teams and our physicians to effectively manage care and put their patients first.

All of this allows us to bear and assume the risk of patient care—we truly understand value-based care as a risk-bearing organization. Health plans, or payers, delegate risk to us because of our proven track record of being able to understand physician and patient behavior.

Major Players of the Healthcare Delivery System

We provide care coordination services to every major constituent of the healthcare delivery system, including:

  • Patients
  • Families
  • Primary care physicians
  • Specialists
  • Acute care hospitals
  • Alternative sites of inpatient care
  • Physician groups
  • Health plans
Our Physician Network
Our physician network consists of over 10,000+ contracted healthcare providers including:
  • Primary
  • Specialists
  • Hospitalists

Where ApolloMed Fits in the U.S. Healthcare Ecosystem

We are one of the largest value-based healthcare organizations in the U.S. With our management services organization (MSO), independent physician associations (IPAs) and accountable care organizations (ACOs), we can deliver a full spectrum of care. ApolloMed acts as a “single payer,” connects health ecosystem participants, and integrates clinical, tech, and administrative support for providers.

Our Care Delivery Offerings and Our Partners

Across all aspects of care delivery, we implement innovative models.

Care Enablement
Our Care Enablement segment is an integrated, end-to-end clinical and administrative platform, powered by our proprietary technology suite, which provides operational, clinical, financial, technology, management, and strategic services in order to enable success in the delivery of high-quality, value-based care for providers and payers. We provide solutions to 10,000+ providers, including independent physicians, provider and medical groups, and accountable care organizations, and payers, including health plans and other risk-bearing organizations. Our platform meets providers and payers where they are, with a wide spectrum of solutions across the total cost of care risk spectrum, ranging from solutions for fee-for-service entities to global risk-bearing entities, and across patient type, including Medicare, Medicaid, commercial, and exchange-insured patients. This segment includes our wholly owned subsidiaries which operate as management services organizations, NMM and Apollo Medical Management (“AMM”), which enter into long-term management and/or administrative services agreements with providers and payers. By leveraging our care enablement platform, providers and payers can improve their ability to deliver high-quality care to their patients and achieve better patient outcomes.
Care Partners
Our Care Partners segment is focused on building and managing high-quality and high-performance provider networks by partnering with, empowering, and investing in strong provider partners with a shared vision for coordinated care delivery. By leveraging our unique care enablement platform and ability to recruit, empower, and incentivize physicians to effectively manage total cost of care, we are able to organize partnered providers into successful multi-payer risk-bearing organizations which take on varying levels of risk based on total cost of care across membership in all lines of business, including Medicare, Medicaid, commercial, and exchange. Through our network of IPAs, ACOs, and Restricted Knox-Keene licensed health plan, our healthcare delivery entities are responsible for coordinating and delivering high quality care to our patients.
Care Delivery
Our Care Delivery segment is a patient-centric, data-driven care delivery organization focused on delivering high-quality and accessible care to all patients. Our care delivery organization includes primary care, multi-specialty care, and ancillary care services.

Our Strength is Empowering Physician-Centered Care

ApolloMed’s Value-Based Care Model

Our tech-powered platform allows providers to deliver integrated, value-based care. Positive outcomes for this model include:

  • Integrated healthcare ecosystem
  • Reduce redundant and/or unnecessary testing
  • Actionable data allows providers to make informed decisions
  • Emphasize preventive/chronic care management
  • Incentive to deliver better care at lower cost
  • Improved patient experience and outcomes

Key Benefits to Our Partners

Our integrated model benefits all of our partners


  • Improved access, quality, and experience
  • Healthier lives
  • Coordinated and continuous care


  • Improved population health and higher quality scoring
  • Increased membership
  • Significant savings via capitation arrangements that align financial incentives with proactive and preventive healthcare


  • Aligned incentives driven by quality
  • Reduced burn-out with flexible schedules and greater work-life balance
  • Customized clinical and administrative support

Extended Partners

  • Care delivered in the most cost-effective, high-quality place of service
  • Shared risk with hospitals partners
  • Coordinated care between PCPs, specialists, and hospitals

Technology That Puts Patient Outcomes First

Our proprietary technology platform allows us to manage care effectively, prioritize patients and scale our platform nationwide.

Managing Lives With Our Business

We operate through our subsidiaries that include our MSO Network Medical Management and our ACO APA ACO.

A History of Value-Based Solutions

Our dedication to serving our local communities is apparent in our history. For over 35+ years, we’ve delivered technology and services to help physicians compassionately care for their patients.

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Committed, Highly Engaged Leadership

Our leadership team consists of talented practicing physicians, knowledgeable and experienced in the challenges facing the U.S. healthcare system. They developed and have proven the success of our scalable model, helping providers manage and deliver exceptional and affordable healthcare.

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