In addition to Hospital Inpatient Physician Services and Integrated Care businesses (Maverick Medical Group, ApolloMed ACO and ApolloMed Clinics), ApolloMed is at the forefront of growing, robust physician networks and communities.

Changes in the healthcare landscape are driving demand by providers and payers to better manage costs while delivering quality care – key tenets of the Affordable Care Act. Improved results come from increasing patient access to efficiently managed care throughout the care continuum. When performance is improved, all participants — physicians, providers and payers – benefit. ApolloMed is facilitating integration within its healthcare networks by expanding physician and patient populations, increasing service offerings, and providing both inpatient and outpatient services.

We have the necessary infrastructure and care delivery requirements to successfully execute on this emerging healthcare approach. Our networks and value-based integrated options align the interests of physicians employed by and those affiliated with ApolloMed to efficiently produce quality outcomes.

Keys to the success and of ApolloMed’s integrated program include:
  • We are physician led, which allows us to better understand and address the front-line issues that are important in improving quality care and efficiency.
  • Our networks allow ApolloMed to collectively negotiate with managed care companies and payers.
  • We offer physicians, payers and providers with transparency into our financial results and with financial incentives, aligning all interests.
  • We have developed the requisite communication infrastructure and tools that allow for better coordination between inpatient and outpatient providers, and for patients to more effectively move through the care continuum.
  • We have strong post-acute networks that support the transition from inpatient to outpatient services, thus better managing the higher cost of inpatient care.
  • We offer better tracking and engagement for patients with chronic conditions, which supports healthier life styles and improved long-term care.
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