Apollo Medical Holdings


Relieving the administrative burden of our physicians.


Patient-centered and physician-centric.

ApolloMed is a value-based integrated health care delivery system and management company providing solutions to physicians, health plans, hospitals and other health providers. We strive to deliver the highest quality, comprehensive and compassionate services to our members, alleviating the administrative burden of our physicians. We work with providers, hospitals, and local primary care physicians to reduce preventable hospital admissions and re-admissions and avoidable emergency room visits.

By horizontally integrating across the healthcare ecosystem, ApolloMed creates a virtual “single-payor” model to provide high quality, low cost healthcare for its members.

Our model aggregates independent physicians into large groups, allowing us to negotiate improved contract terms for providers and capitated arrangements that align financial incentives around proactive, preventative healthcare. Additionally, we negotiate directly with health plans, removing the administrative burden from affiliated IPAs.

ApolloMed’s platform strategically controls referrals and the cost of care, acquiring or partnering with surgery centers, urgent care centers, labs, and other facilities and minimizes the leakage of patients to high-cost providers. Through our proprietary technology platform, we can efficiently and effectively manage patients.


CREATING A Next-Generation Integrated Healthcare Platform

ApolloMed continues to be at the forefront of industry trends towards value-based care and preventative medicine.

We began participating in the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) in January 2017, commencing payments in April 2017. Today, we manage or coordinate care for ~30,000 California Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) patients. Our platform is the only next generation ACO in the U.S. operating under all-inclusive population-based payments (“AIPBP”).


Apollo Care Connect

We continue to champion our investment in next generation technology and preventative care. Our robust population, Apollo Care Connect, offers benefits in the following areas:

Population Health Management

  • Places an emphasis on chronic care management and high-risk patient management 

  • Integrates with and captures clinical data from multiple EHRs, wearables and other tracking devices

  • Allows for easy integration with other internal and third party analytical tools 

  • Assesses health risk and surveys

Patient Engagement

  • Robust mobile platform features chat functionality, SMS text, push notifications, and email capabilities 

  • Connects physicians/case managers and patients to create real-time communications

  • Interactive Personal Health Assistant provides decision support, recommendations, and actionable tasks 

  • Care Plan Wizard allows users to easily create and modify care plans without additional coding

Preventative Care

  • Preemptive testing through our partnership with a genetic company


Our History