ApolloMed Hospital Physician Services (HPS)

ApolloMed has been providing “Best in Class” hospitalist, intensivist, post-discharge, transitional care and related medical management services for nearly a decade. We have more than 50 contracts covering nearly 30 hospitals and facilities, which benefit from HPS services and are a critical component in high-quality, cost-efficient care between hospitals, healthcare plans and physicians.

  • Reduce preventable re-admissions
  • Reduce avoidable or unnecessary emergency room visits
  • Decrease length of stay for appropriate patient populations
  • Streamline patient throughput
  • Enhance HCAHPS scores
  • Improve integration with primary care and other healthcare providers
  • Open hospital beds for new patients
  • Provide for fee-for-service/fee-for-value flexibility
Focus on high quality care with optimal length of stay

Advantages are numerous for all key stakeholders using ApolloMed hospitalist services.

Advantage for Patients

  • Streamline the healthcare continuum
  • Facilitates access to quality services
  • Increases time with physicians
  • Generates better outcomes
  • Creates greater satisfaction
  • Enhances patient participation in their own care

Advantage for Hospitals

  • Increases patient throughput
  • Improve facility utilization
  • Optimize hospital length of stay
  • Improve quality and risk management programs
  • Obtain higher reimbursements
  • Reduce hospital emergency room admissions
  • Reduce hospital re-admissions
  • Increase efficient use of specialists / subspecialists
  • Increase use of hospice care
  • Improve cost-effective use of pharmaceuticals

Advantage for Health Plans

  • Facilitate sharing of patient within the network
  • Provide information sharing and other administrative capabilities

Advantage for IPAs

  • Provides quality back-office management systems
  • Enable IPA equity ownership
  • Provide competitive monthly capitation payments
  • Improve access to financial reporting for transparency
  • Utilize IT solutions to improve patient information systems
  • Enable more focus on office hours
  • Improve scheduling leading to better lifestyle options
  • Allow for greater focus on core specialty

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