ApolloMed is a leading physician-driven, patient centric, integrated healthcare company providing inpatient and outpatient care for physicians and large patient populations.

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Why ApolloMed?

The high cost of healthcare is prompting a search for affordable, quality-care solutions that satisfy patient needs and expectations. Healthcare costs continue to rise, driven in part by increasing numbers of older Americans who account for high levels of healthcare expenditures, and by more Americans gaining healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Fee-for-service healthcare plans lead to inefficiencies based on the absence of a comprehensive, integrated approach. Health plans are moving away from the fee-for-service framework to a more integrated accountable care model.

ApolloMed has built a platform of integrated healthcare services that promote efficiencies in fee-for-service, managed care and integrated healthcare environments.

Rapid growth and changing dynamics will drive the healthcare market.

We work collaboratively with patient care as our top priority.


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Providing superior medical management for the efficient delivery of high-quality healthcare.